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About HUUM Premium Electric Sauna Heaters

Elegant HUUM electric sauna heaters in the heart of your sauna

Say goodbye to plain and boxy heaters. HUUM heaters feature a sleek and round design that showcases the beauty of the stones and adds sophistication to your sauna.

Relax in a gentle steam environment like in a traditional sauna. HUUM heaters have a high stone capacity, providing a mild and prolonged steam.

Conveniently control your sauna from your phone. With the HUUM app, just a few clicks on your phone and your sauna will be warm and ready by the time you arrive.

Make a smart investment in quality. Each HUUM heater is made of durable stainless steel and is crafted with special attention to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Remote HUUM electric sauna heaters controls that are smart on the inside and beautiful on the outside

HUUM’s cutting-edge electronic solutions, such as remote controls and app, are a product of the brilliant minds from Tartu. It took five years of development and improvement to create the technology used today. Oshino Electronics Estonia is responsible for producing remote controls, available in wooden and various plastic cases. The wooden cases are handcrafted from heat-treated ash, providing each one with its own unique appearance.

ALL HUUM products are made entirely in Estonia

All HUUM heaters, control units, and other products are manufactured entirely in Estonia with the assistance of various partners. It may come as a surprise that the seemingly simple design of our heaters involves a complex production process, which is why we collaborate with Estonia’s top metalwork companies to ensure the highest quality throughout production. The majority of the raw materials used, including stainless steel and electronic components, are imported.

The making of HUUM wood stoves and electric heaters requires a lot of manual work

Because we added a touch of creativity to our heaters, it’s not feasible to produce them through fully automated processes. Cutting the metal rods to the correct length, thickness, and shape requires a significant amount of manual labor from our metalworkers. Our heaters are made of stainless steel and undergo shot blasting and acid treatment to achieve their polished final appearance.

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