HUUM UKU Gold Wi-Fi Electric Sauna Heater Control
(Include Glass Display, Control Box And Wi-Fi App)

HUUM UKU Gold Wi-Fi Electric Sauna Heater Control
(Include Glass Display, Control Box And Wi-Fi App)

UKU Wi-Fi Gold sauna controller makes sauna heating convenient and comfortable. With UKU you can heat your sauna on the spot or do it from your phone through HUUM mobile app. UKU comes with several safety and extra features for a pleasant sauna experience. HUUM UKU Gold is designed for use with sauna heaters up to 18kW (use with sauna heaters over 9kW requires UKU extension box – sold separately).

  • for heaters up to 18 kW
  • connectable to lights/ventilation and steamer
  • overheating protection
  • timer


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Manuals and Instructions:

HUUM UKU Electric Sauna Heater Control Introduction

Installation of HUUM UKU Electric Sauna Heater Control

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  • Problems with controllers
  • Problems with heaters

About heaters

About controllers

DROP installation

HIVE installation

UKU controller installation

HIVE Wood installation



How to use mobile app

With HUUM mobile app you can heat your sauna comfortably from wherever you are. You can choose the beginning and end time of the heating, set the desired temperature and check the sauna temperature in real-time. HUUM mobile app works with UKU Wi-Fi and UKU GSM controllers.

1.Download HUUM mobile app on your phone (or open HUUM web application)

2. Sign up

Fill in the required fields and create an account.

3. Insert sauna ID and sauna code

You can find the ID number and the code number on the cover of the main module. UKU Wi-Fi will connect to the mobile app instantly if it is already connected to a Wi-Fi network. UKU GSM controller will establish a mobile data connection in 30 minutes.

4. Select heating time and temperature

The app allows you to set the desired temperature and the beginning and end time of the heating.

5. Your sauna is heating

You can check the sauna temperature in real-time from the app. A notification will let you know when the sauna is ready.

6. Keep your app updated

Make sure to update your app regularly so that it can function well. We recommend switching on automatic updates.

Connecting UKU Wi-Fi to app

To start using the mobile app with UKU Wi-Fi, you first need to connect your controller to a Wi-Fi network. UKU Wi-Fi controller supports 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi standard and cannot be used on a 5 GHz network. NB! UKU Wi-Fi sauna controller does not work with some Wi-Fi repeaters like ASUS Lyra.

  • Go to UKU control panel’s settings menu (hold the button down for 10 seconds).
  • Go to “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Go to “SSID” and select it.
  • Next, select the correct Wi-Fi network from the menu. Make sure your different Wi-Fi networks don’t have the same name, otherwise you may have problems connecting to the network.
  • After selecting the Wi-Fi network to enter the password. Make sure your Wi-Fi network name is no longer than 20 characters.
  • After entering the password click “Connect” and follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • When the Wi-Fi connection is established, follow the instructions in the How to use mobile app chapter.

Connecting UKU GSM to app

  • Download HUUM app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Create a user account.
  • Link the control console’s ID (1XXXXX) to your user account. You can find the ID number and the code number on the sticker of the main module.
  • After connecting the sauna to your user account, the SIM card will be activated.
  • The SIM card and sauna will be online in 30 minutes. The sauna will not be online before the user account is connected to the sauna.
  • Check whether all the functions of the mobile application are working properly and your commands actually reach the sauna. Commands should be executed within 60 seconds. In case the functions of the mobile application do not work, contact us at

Yearly payment

Using the app with UKU GSM is free for the first year and costs 29 €/year thereafter.

The annual fee includes:

  • mobile application features
  • mobile data
  • secure server
  • unlimited mobile application users
  • application and remote control software updates

The payments are done through the mobile app with a credit card. If you do not wish to use the app anymore the controller can always be used also without the mobile app.

Upgrading UKU Local to UKU Wi-Fi

You can activate software that converts UKU Local to UKU Wi-Fi by purchasing from the mobile app. This update does not require a technician to be called.

Problems with controllers

Problems with heaters

Using the heater

Using the controller

UKU Local juhtpuldiga saad sauna kütta kohapeal olevast juhtpaneelist. UKU Wi-Fi ja UKU GSM pultidega saad sauna kütta nii juhtpaneelist kui ka HUUMi mobiilirakendusest.

Kõikide UKU mudelitega saab:

  • reguleerida sauna temperatuuri (40-110 °C),
  • valida kütteaega (3, 6, 12 või 18 tundi juhtpuldist; mobiilirakendusest kõiki aegu),
  • kasutada taimerit kütmise algusaja valimiseks.
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Slava was quick at returning my call. He was one of the only companies that came for a proper site visit and gave me some great recommendations. He was very honest and very reasonable They were quick and clean on install! I would definitely recommend Slava and BSaunas for any type of Sauna installation. Thanks Slava, can't wait to use our new sauna.

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Had a sauna installed by these guys recently. We love it. The guys are very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. The showroom has a good selection, lots of options. Prices were reasonable too.

Great selection of products and styles in the whole of Ontario! We are very pleased with our Sauna and would not hesitate to recommend Bsaunas. Thank you!

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Dortha James2019-12-15

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