Refreshingly simple security
Huum is smart, flexible security that fits in your pocket. This little device keeps track of all your monitoring needs right at your fingertips.
Smart & Sensible Security
With quick and easy set-up, Huum is your all-in-one solution for your home-monitoring needs. Intelligent, flexible security without the fuss. Huum is a portable, wireless device that can be set up anywhere. It connects with your smartphone and provides meaningful insight about the space that it is in.
Stay Connected With Huum!
Detect air conditions, floods, and intrusions from anywhere. Get a notification when someone arrives home, or set your security alarms, all on the go. Huum is a new security device that was developed with the everyday person in mind. It provides peace of mind that is simple, insightful, and adaptive to your specific needs.
Small Package, Powerful Features

Every feature packed into each Huum device has been carefully chosen. We’ve made sure Huum is up to all your monitoring needs. An update is sent directly to your phone whenever a sensor detects a problem. Being able to connect with multiple smartphones means that everyone gets to know what’s going on.

With new NFC tap features, activating and de-activating alarms couldn’t be easier with android smartphones. With just a quick tap, you can set your alarm, change settings, and connect new devices to your network.

Your Workshop, Your Assets
Huum lets you set up reliable smart security virtually anywhere. Without breaking the bank.
Huum isn’t just useful in the house. Wireless capabilities means you can set up your security system wherever you can connect to a network. Easily secure important assets in an apartment, garage, office or personal workshop in minutes.
Reliable Security You Can Afford

Huum was developed with the everyday person in mind. We understand that money shouldn’t be an obstacle for feeling safe. We’ve made sure that Huum will be an affordable product, with no monthly fees, so that you can keep security as a top priority.

Our team has being working hard to design and engineer a product that is ready for the real world. Robust electronic parts, and research-oriented design choices have made the foundation for Huum.